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regular opening hours

the studio is open for painting of ceramic utensils, by appointment, daily from 10:00-20:00, Wednesday and Motzei Shabbat until 23:00, Friday: 09:00-14:00. Please call to book your session



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in children's clay Chugim

Creating with clay, trying out different techniques, learning a variety of painting techniques, and especially – enjoyment. The Chug takes place in small groups, on Mondays, in 2 age groups. For more information and registration send a message or call the studio. 08-9298740

Birthday parties

are back

Birthday parties are back, and you are invited to celebrate with the entire class.

You may also take-away the party in a “birthday party capsules” to celebrate at your own home. For more information click here.


Studio Hours

throughout the year

call before arrival

  • Sun-Tue, Thu
  • 10:00-20:00
  • Wed
  • 10:00-23:00
  • Friday
  • 09:00-14:00
  • Saturday*
  • Until 23:00

during school holidays

you must book in advance

  • Sun-Tue, Thu
  • 09:00-21:00
  • Wed
  • 09:00-23:00
  • Friday
  • 09:00-16:00
  • Saturday*
  • Until 23:00

* pls check with us, time changes according to Shabbat times

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